Our beauty expert John presents Arlen Skincare this week. The Arlen A-topic Derma Nourishing Cream is a day and night cream for men and women. It consists of natural ingredients, such as Neem from the Apothecary Tree and Marula Nut. The cream does a lot for your skin. Even if you suffer from eczema, redness, hypersensitivity and even psoriasis. The skin soothes and recovers, becomes firmer and pigment spots and fine lines disappear. 

The founders of Arlen Skincare have joined forces with a world-renowned plant researcher and expert formulator who used desert plant extracts to create a unique skin cream that can address a wide range of skin problems and irritations, from mild to severe. Using its own in-house technology, ARLEN offers the best of both worlds: ancient wisdom and the best that modern technology has to offer. 

He has a 10% offer especially for Business Class viewers: normally €145, now for €130.

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