Costume National

Founded in 2001 within the fashion brand founded in 1986 by Ennio Capasa, Costume National Scents reflects the fusion of Japanese minimalism and Italian tailoring expertise. With more than twenty years of influence in artistic perfumery, the brand combines knowledge, passion and love to create timeless olfactory experiences.

The fragrances are based on natural and rare elements, mainly from the prestigious LMR laboratory in Grasse, and contain a refined blend. From the spicy essence of cardamom to the heart of patchouli, the shimmer of pearly hibiscus, the mystique of oud woods, the depth of geranium and more: every scent is a creative journey.

The iconic bottle shape, sculpted in plaster by its creator, serves as a manifesto of style, beauty and art and embodies Costume National's core values. The brand's aesthetic emphasizes evocative allure, capturing emotions over rationality

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